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We offer leading-edge social enterprise training for all levels of development, that your clients can access online. Use the training to supplement your in-person training, or to help clients develop their idea more fully before you begin to help them.


When clients have trouble with training content online, or are stuck in the development of their social enterprises, expert-coaches are on-hand to assist. Our coaches are international extperts in their social enterprise area of expertise.


Clients or staff receive certificates for completing bundles of courses, and can receive the Social Enterprise Developer Designation, a professional designation that proves their expertise in social enterprise, business and professional competencies.


Track your clients’ and staffs’ progress in completing courses, bundles and certificates. See the coaching assistance they received and what they learned. Track the social enterprise competencies they’re learning, for your own funding outcomes.

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Core to any social enterprise is their mission: their raison d’ĂȘtre. Without clear articulation of the overall impact they want to achieve and how they plan to get there, it’s very easy to lose sight of the very reasons you’ve started or are existing. The Social Enterprise Institute offers simple, easy to use yet effective techniques for choosing, naming, and measuring social impact. We’re particularly good at teaching how to facilitate team building to articulate these impacts, because getting buy-in to any idea is key.
Finding financing or any type of social support can be difficult. The Social Enterprise Institute offers instruction on the types of financing out there, how to find it, how to determine how much you need, and how to ask for it. We also offer training for lenders as well, to help them better meet the needs and maintain relationships with social enterprise clients.
Social enterprises have unique challenges when it comes to operations; they have to balance the demands of running a business to sell goods and/or services, while also juggling the needs of their staff, who are often their clientele, serve their beneficiaries, and report to funders. It can seem daunting but we help to ease the burden in the Social Enterprise Institute’s Manage section.
Marketing for Social Enterprise is a unique beast. Not only do you have to market to the customers who buy your product or service solely because it is a product or service they want or need, but you also have to market to those interested in the social impact you’re achieving through theses sales, while marketing to potential funders and supporters as well. That’s a lot of balls to have in the air. The Social Enterprise Institute helps you to make sense of your customers and how you will market to and reach them.
Social enterpreneurs and their supporters are looking to measure their success in more depth than the traditional measures of resources (money in), activities (programs or projects), and outputs (attendees, program graduates, events, social media followers). They’re looking to measure the short, medium, and long-term outcomes of their “interventions.” This is where social impact measurement comes in. At SEI we help social enterprises to name, achieve and measure (in a variety of ways) their success. Some topics covered on this site include Social Return on Investment, Demonstrating Value, Social Accounting, Theory of Change, and show users the plethora of metrics and measurement tools are available to them.

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Let’s chat about what you want to achieve with your clients and how we can help you with our on-site and/or off-site offerings. Courses, coaching, webinars, in-person training and more are possible options.


Let’s plan how we will help your clients, including: which clients; what program(s); which courses; which metrics; and who will manage it (us or you). We negotiate cost and complete the contract in a matter of days.


We take it from here! Once contracting is complete and clients are entered into the system, we enrol them in courses, encourage and inspire them to complete their work, and report on their outcomes to you!

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